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If your shower gets cold quickly or your hot water just doesn't seem to last, it might be time to replace your old water heater. Don't settle for a cold shower stop by our shop today.


Our shop has a huge selection of affordable water heaters including:


Replace your old water heater

All makes and models

Nobody likes paying high energy bills. An energy efficient water heater can save you money on each and every gas and electric bill.


Stop by our shop and discuss your water heater options. Our experts will point you in the direction of the perfect water heater for your home.

Save money

We have affordable solutions and range of different products to fit your water heater needs.


Our shop is an exclusive dealer of Bradford White water heaters.

Affordable water heaters


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 •  Gas (natural or propane) water heaters

 •  Electric water heaters

 •  Oil water heaters

 •  Indirect water heaters

 •  Storage tanks

 •  Energy efficient water heaters

We have a huge selection of water heaters with advanced features included

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